Food Waste Diaries - Cucumbers

Food Waste Diaries - Cucumbers

If you have followed me on Instagram ( shout out to my instagram ) you know that I am a Food Waste Hero and talk a good bit about food waste. Not only is combating food waste essential for the health of our environment but it also saves us a lot of money.

I think it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that eating healthy while eating mainly surplus food is impossible. There's always an abundance of bread, bakery items and ready meals. However it is totally possible to eat healthy meals and have healthy fruit and veg snacks while eating from Olio food and dumpster dived food. It might just require a little bit more planning!

This week I collected from a local Tesco Extra and once everyone had requested and collected all the things they wanted and could eat, I was left with a huuuuge amount of cucumbers. Well, 8 cucumbers but since none of us eat cucumbers unless we're out and they've been snuck into a meal, it was a lot. In fact, I don't think I've ever bought a cucumber in a supermarket... anyway... At first I thought, great! Hens will love it. Then I remembered that I have a couple of cucumber plants and a dill plant growing in the green house so that I could make pickles, one of our favorite things.

Now, I should point out that I have made pickles before and have an ok understanding of how it works and because there are going to be used for eating pretty soon, I didn't can them. If you want to store them longer it's important you follow a proper recipe (either by going online or I have the Ball Book of Canning) because you really want to stay safe and make sure there's no nasty things growing on your food.


I've included some clips of my process for making these in a Youtube video that I am currently working on but will include link once its live! If you want to make sure you don't miss it, then please do subscribe to Thistle and Brambles on Youtube!




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