Leggings & Harems - Both styles explained.

Harems: Oxford languages defines harem pants as “full, loose fitting trousers made of a soft material that is gathered in closely at the ankle or lower leg”

Leggings: Oxford languages defines leggings as “tight fitting stretch trousers”

Here’s how I view them…

Harems are looser fitting bottoms without a seam down the crotch while leggings have a tighter fit with a seam down the crotch. 

Both styles are suitable for all ages but I recommend the harems style for babies with cloth bum as they are more accomodating. 

At T&B both harems and leggings are handmade with a soft yoga waistband and cuffed legs. What does that mean? Well, the yoga waistband works with the natural stretch in the fabric and not a separate elastic. This means no chance for the elastic to get twisted and uncomfortable. It’s also a gentler tightness around the belly so suitable for small babies. The cuffed legs are great for helping socks stay on and if the bottoms are too long, you can easily turn the cuff in to shorten them without them rolling back down like with seamed bottoms. 

Overall both styles are super comfortable and perfect for play, learning to crawl and walk and even for napping. I’d love to know what style you prefer!

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