Thistle & Brambles sustainability journey

I’ve lost my way recently. I have gotten caught up in the pretty world of prints and designs and have gotten tangled in the fibres of soft buttery cotton. 

There’s no denying that cotton and children’s wear go hand in hand. Hard wearing fabric that is comfortable to wear, easy to work with, readily available and affordable. We’ve all been warned over and over about how harmful synthetic materials are to our planet and to stay away from them, unless buying second hand, and I have seen a change in how people shop. 

I recently changed the fabric I use for producing Thistle and Brambles clothing. I am using GOTS certified organic cotton. But it’s not enough. While eliminating pesticides and herbicide use in agriculture is something I feel strongly about, I also can see that organic cotton has many drawbacks, the biggest one being water consumption and the cost of labour involved in harvesting. I can’t ignore this any further. 

Although made to order does mean less cotton going to waste since I only make what you want and unlike fast fashion there isn’t large amounts of unsold clothing being incinerated or thrown to a landfill, I still don’t think I am doing enough. 

As a result Thistle and Brambles will slowly move away from using cotton. I will still offer some prints in organic cotton but I will be working more and more with linen and linen blends and Bamboo Jersey. 

Linen is made from flaxseed and is arguably the most sustainable fibre and also pretty affordable. Linen can be a bit rough however I will be working with linen cotton blend for the baby clothing. Bamboo is super soft and easy to grow, however turning bamboo into usable fabric does require some toxic chemicals which again isn't ideal. 

I understand that being ethical and environmentally conscious isn’t about getting it 100% right but about balance and a lot of people doing bits here and there and that is why I am making the change. I hope you all understand and enjoy the new things coming your way.

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